Birthday, Anniversary, and Date-based automation

Date-based Automation You can deploy emails to your contacts based before, on, or after a date that is specific to them. This is commonly used to send emails on or around your contacts birthday or anniversary, but you could use this to send emails on or around any date that is […]

Updating Email Content in an Auto-Sender Campaign

Auto sender campaigns will automatically send the most recently published email within that campaign. Sometimes you may want to change or update one of your auto sender emails. To do this simply find the auto sender campaign you wish to update and start a new email. When you publish your […]

Sending a test draft

There are two ways to send yourself a draft of an email. By using the test function in the email studio menu bar  After an email scheduled and published, but not yet sent, you can send a draft from the campaign dashboard.  In both areas, you can include multiple email […]

Gravity Forms Plugin

You will also need to first install our WordPress Plugin. To add the Gravity Forms Plugin, login to your WordPress backend and upload the .zip file provided from the official Gravity Forms website. Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to your Plugins tab and activate the Gravity Forms Plugin. Once the […]

How can I send out a calendar invite?

A. To do this you’ll need the .ics file from the calendar that you’re using. If you’re using Gmail, then they’ll give you a URL link. You can upload the .ics file to the Image and File library and use it just like you would with a .PDF.

Testing Your DNS Records

Testing your DNS records will show you if your DNS records have been configured correctly when setting up custom domain authentication. To start the test process select Test DNS Records in the Authenticated Domains section of your Account Configuration. Once it loads, it will show a series of records connected to your DMARC, DKIM, and […]

How can I have text wrapping an image?

In most cases, a combination of blocks can be used to achieve simulated text wrapping. For example, combining a text with image block with a text block below it, give the appearance of wrapping text. Although it’s possible to add an image in a text block for text wrapping, we […]

Sub Users

Check with support to see if this feature is enabled for your account. Some features may not be visible or available in your account. Sub-users are secondary accounts tied to a primary account. Sub users have all of the same capabilities as a single account. They have their own contacts, […]