Nurturing Subscribers Using a Welcome Campaign

It’s important for deliverability to send an email to new subscribers as soon as they have opted in. New subscribers are much more likely to open an email after they have subscribed, and this sets the stage for better deliverability with that individual in the long run. Using Auto Senders you can […]

The Importance of Growing your Contact List Organically

Your contact list should consist of email addresses that have opted in to receive your email marketing messages. A list of contacts that didn’t opt-in will lead to higher than normal complaints, bounces, and low engagement. Over time this behavior will effect the over-all deliverability of your email results. Growing your […]

What are the best practices for new subscribers?

It’s best to have a welcome campaign set up to introduce your new signups to your content. You can create an auto sender that will reach your subscriber when they first sign up. This can talk about how often you’d like to send emails to them, the type of content that […]

Why are people unsubscribing from my emails?

People can unsubscribe from your email sends for many reasons, some are outlined below. When the subscriber signed up, they might not have been aware of the frequency that you’re sending out. You can help them be mindful by labeling your lists in a way that lets them see how […]

Step 2 Overview

Using the Email Studio: There are four main areas in the Email Studio. Click the linked text below for more details about each area.  1. The left column with four tabs Subject, Blocks, Content, and Style.  2. The bar at the top with undo, redo, preview, test, save, and others.  […]

Menu Bar

Undo: Take the email a step back reversing what you just did. Redo: Take the email a step forward adding the last step you removed. Gallery: Open this to load your image gallery. Clicking on the area to upload images opens up a file browser to choose images from your […]