To see the complete documentation head to your dashboard, hover over “Help & Support” and select “API Keys & Documentation” 

Note: API usage is normally reserved for advanced users familiar with at least one programming language.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a way for your own software to interact with the email marketing system. The API uses HTTP requests and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to allow integration with a wide range of languages, including PHP, Java, .NET, and many others.

How will an API benefit my company?

The API lets you synchronize data, automate repetitive tasks, and integrate with other systems. Perform batch imports and updates of Email Contact data. Synchronize updates between your CRM system and email marketing system. Integrate your own sign-up forms with the system so that contacts are automatically added to your email marketing lists. Create your own solution to accomplish your business objectives by using any of the following operations that our API provides:

The public API interface defines standard XML requests and responses for the following functionality:

• Add new contacts
• Retrieve or update existing contact’s information
• Retrieve a list of your email campaign lists
• Retrieve a list of your custom Email Contact fields
• Retrieve a sending information

What can the API do?

Email Contact Functions

Email Contact Add – Add an Email Contact – You can learn more about generating an API Email Contact Add link here.
Email Contact Count – Count contacts
Email Contact List – List contacts
Email Contact Update – Update an Email Contact

Email Campaign Functions:

Email Campaign Add – Adds an email campaign
Email Campaign Delete – Deletes an email campaign. This action is only available to the admin user.
Email Campaign List – Lists email campaigns
Email Campaign Send – Send a published email campaign to an individual Email Contact
Email Campaign Update – Update an email campaigns options

List Functions:

List Add – Adds a list
List Delete – Deletes a list
List – Lists lists
List Merge – Merge contacts from one or more lists into another
List Orphan Count – Count contacts that are only in this list
List Orphan List – List contacts that are only in this list
List Update – Update a list
Custom Field Add – Add a custom field
Custom Field Delete – Delete a custom field
Custom Field List – Lists custom fields
Custom Field Update – Update a custom field

Misc Functions:

Test Ping – Returns nothing but a success code. Used for testing connectivity only.
List Users – Lists users and sub-users. Requires administrator privileges.

and much more…

To see the complete documentation head to your dashboard, hover over “Help & Support” and select “API Keys & Documentation” 

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