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Check with support to see if this feature is enabled for your account. Some features may not be visible or available in your account.

How to install the WordPress Plugin:

Go to My Account -> Integrations -> WordPress -> Get WordPress Plugin

To add the WordPress Plugin, login to your WordPress backend.  Select Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin,
 select the file downloaded in the previous step. Once you’ve installed the plugin, make sure to activate it.

Select the new menu item on the WordPress Menu to continue the installation.

Setup: Use this tab to add your API key. Your API Key is located here  My Account -> Configure Account -> API Keys.

Forms: This is a list of all of the forms you’ve created through the plugin, with this page, you can edit, delete, and sort these forms to your liking. This is also where you can pull the Shortcode link to place on your page if that’s the type of form you’ve created.

Add New Form – Use this to create a new form for your website. A detailed description of this tab is below.

Enter form name here: Use this to create a name for your form. This is not shown publicly.

General Information:

Type: The type of form you’d like to create. You may either generate a shortcode for the form to place in the code of your website or choose to generate a Modal form that “pops up” to the user.  

Shortcode: Provides a shortcode version of the form to embed it in the code of your websites page.

 A Modal is a type of form that “pops up” to the user.

Location: Choose either to have the form pop up on a certain page or everywhere
Trigger: Choose to have the Modal pop up immediately, with an exit intent, or after a certain time delay.

Lists Display Mode: Choose to let your subscribers select a list to be placed on, or have the contacts added to a specific list.

Enable Anti-Spam Honeypot: This allows the additional protection from spam signups on your form. We recommend always having this checked.

This is a hidden field that a human wouldn’t be able to fill in. If a new entry has text entered in this field we know it was filled in by a bot and that it’s an invalid sign up.

Display a “powered by” link on your form: This adds some small text at the bottom of the form that can link back to the Email Marketing website.

Form Fields:

Below are all the fields that you can choose to add to your form. An email is required, so this will always be checked. You can use the Birthday and Anniversary fields for date-based campaigns. You can read more about those here.

  •         First Name
  •         Last Name
  •         Email
  •         Company
  •         Address
  •         Adress 2
  •         City
  •         State
  •         Postal Code
  •         Phone
  •         Mobile
  •         Fax
  •         Gender
  •         Birthday
  •         Anniversary

Custom Fields:

This section will contain the custom fields you’ve created in your Email Marketing Account. If you want to learn more about custom fields, click here.


This will contain all of your lists from your Email Marketing account. If you want to learn more about lists, click here.


Header Content: This area is for you to place your text in the header, this will show up at the top of the form. An example of what you can do with this is enticing potential subscribers to sign up.

Sub Header Content: This will show up under the header, you can type anything you’d like your potential subscribers to see.

Submit Button Text: This is used to customize the text on the “Submit” button.

Enable Form Builder: Check this box to create a border on your form. When checked you will be able to select the color.

Enable Custom Styling: Check this box to change the text color and background color. When checked, you will be able to select the colors.

Text Size: Select the size of the text.

Text Font: Select the style of font.

Now that you’ve customized this form, you can scroll back up to the top and select “Publish” to be able to view the new form in the Forms Tab.

Are you looking for our Gravity Forms integration? Please go here.

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