Quick Start Guide

To get started sending your Email Campaigns, log into your account. 

If you have forgotten your login information, use the Forgot Username or Password? on the login page. 

Your first tasks will be to Add ContactsStart an Email Campaign, Publish the Email and then Track the Results.

We recommend starting simple and then tackling some of the more advanced features when you become more familiar with the application.

Follow these 4 steps below:

  • Add Contacts
  • Start an Email Campaign
  • Publish the Email
  • Track the Results

Add Contacts 

When you sign up online, your own email will already be added so can skip adding more emails until later if you would like.

To skip adding more emails, you can scroll down to Starting a Campaign” 

You can add contacts manually or use automated methods to streamline the process.

When you add an Email Contact you must select at least 1 List to add them to.

Lists determine who will receive your Email Campaign.

When you sign up online, a List named “General” will already be in your account.

Use the “General” List to add your first few Email Contacts.

Go Here to Add Contacts    

Starting a Campaign 

When you sign up online, a Campaign named “My Email Campaign” will be pre-added so you can skip this step for now if you’d like. 

To skip adding more Campaigns go to Email Studio.

Email Campaigns are used to group together email messages set up for a particular purpose and for a selected group of Email Contacts. 

Think of your Email Campaigns as a folder that you group together similar emails. 

Go Here to Add a Campaign

Email Studio

When you sign up online, a Campaign named “My Email Campaign” will be added for you.

Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.

Simply click on “Start New Email” in the campaign named “My Email Campaign” 

Using the 5 step process you will be guided through each step to create your Campaign emails.

Go Here for the Email Studio

  Track Results 

Once your email has been sent, you will instantly be able to track the results.

Since you are a part of your list (as described above) you will then be able to open the email yourself.

Open the email sent to yourself and click on some of the links within the email. This will provide some basic report data

Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.

You should see the campaign you Sent, Select the Reports icon to view the reports for this Email Campaign.

Go here for more info on Reports

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