How to attach a PDF file, and other file types

With bulk email you can’t attach files, instead, the files need to be hosted online so that they can be viewed or made available to download by your contacts. We make this easy for you.

1. First, decide what part of your email you would like to link to the file. This can be text, a title, an image, or a button.

2. Find where to add the link to this object. For buttons, titles, and images, the link settings are on the left Content tab. For a text, highlight the text you want to link, and find the hyperlink icon in the grey menu bar at the top.

3. Once you find where to add the link, you will see a “Link to document” icon on the right side, click this icon and your image and file library will open. This is where you can upload files or select any previously uploaded files.

4. Upload the file using the “upload” button on the top left and selecting the file from your computer.

5. Once uploaded, you will see the file in the library. Check the box for the file you want to link to and select “insert”. You may notice that there is now a URL in the link field. This is the hosted document path. Now, if they click that button, image, or text, it will open the document in their browser.

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