Linking Text

1. Place your cursor within your email content where you want to add a link.
2. Add text or image that you want to make into a link.
3. Select the text OR image you wish to make into a link.
4. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the toolbar.
5. Enter the link to into the Link field or use an Email Address to link to.
6. Text to display is the text the reader will see.
7. Optionally, use the Title field to create an alt tag. When your reader hovers over the link, a tooltip will display with the Title text.
8. In the Target field, use the drop-down menu to select the option for how you want the destination to open.
a.  New window: You want the destination URL to open in a new window.
b.  Same window: Only used for creating a link to an anchor.
9.   Click the Ok button.  Your selected text will now be blue and underlined to indicate to your readers that the text is a hyperlink.

To change the color of your link, select the entire link and apply the new font color.

Note: On some web browsers and email programs the text and underline may be blue (before clicked) and purple (after clicked) and the color cannot be changed.

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