Nurturing Subscribers Using a Welcome Campaign

It’s important for deliverability to send an email to new subscribers as soon as they have opted in. New subscribers are much more likely to open an email after they have subscribed, and this sets the stage for better deliverability with that individual in the long run.

Using Auto Senders you can create a welcome campaign to send them a “thank you for subscribing” email right away. You can further the conversation with them by creating a series of auto sender messages that “drip” to that person over time. Each auto sender would be linked to the same list or lists but with a different amount of time before each send.

For example, you could create an auto sender that sends immediately (0 days, 0 minutes after subscribing) and then the next one could be deployed 3 days later (3 days, 0 minutes in the auto sender settings)

This allows you to stay in front of them with ease.

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